Technology cartoons for Kids!

Learn and have fun!

For kids

Today we live surrounded by technology but...

Difficult to explain

Technology is really useful, but dificult to understand how it works. We explain using cartoons, so kids will enjoy learning!


We will explain different technologies using common situations for them, so kids will be able to use them on a future.


We think that teaching kids how to use technology will help them to use it correctly in the future.


And the most important thing... They are going to have fun watching cartoons!



Arora team

Chapter one

Ice cream on train

Chapter two


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Common Questions

Everything you need to know about our project

What is arora project?

Arora project is a non-profit project created for teaching technology concepts to any children that wants to learn.

Why is it free?

Technology is part of our lives. We use it everyday, and we depend on it. We think that everyone must have the possibility to learn how to use it, as his future depends on this knowledge.

Can I use it at school?

Of course! We would like to teach as much kids as possible.

What language are available?

First chapter is done in English but we have future plans to translate them into other languages

How can I help?

This is a non-profit project, so any donation will be appreciated. If it is not possible please share in your social networks so we can reach as much people as possilbe.

What does arora means?

Arora is in honour of my dad. We always teach me that education was the most important thing we can have, and I did this project in grateful of what we teach me.


We love this project and we will like to continue with it.

Any help will be appreciated!